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Beauté Secrète Sales Terms and Conditions

Updated on November, 24th, 2015


The sales terms and conditions below apply to Just for Elle, the owner and editor of www.beautesecrete.com, hereafter named "Beauté Secrète" and the user and customer of www.beautesecrete.com hereafter named "customer". Any order on www.beautesecrete.com implies the consultation and acceptation of these sales terms and conditions. 

Just for Elle is a SARL registered with the "registre du commerce et des sociétés de Versailles" (Versailles registery of Businesses and Companies). Its "SIREN" (Registration Number) is 511 349 961 and its intracommunity VAT Number is FR36511349961. Just for Elle is headquartered at 22, rue Gustave Eiffel, 78300 Poissy, France. 

1 - The order

These sales terms and conditions apply as a customer validates their order on Beauté Secrète’s website and remain valid until the end of Beauté Secrète's guarantees on the order (30 days after delivery). When a customer validates their order at Beauté Secrète, he/she accepts these sales terms and conditions. 

An order is reputed as validated as soon as Beauté Secrète receives the order payment.

2 - Product prices, Means of payment and Currencies

Products and services prices 

Products and services prices are presented by default in Euros and include French sales tax (VAT). Prices charged are those indicated as customers check out and validate their order form. 

Should prices be modified after the order form has been validated and sent to Beauté Secrète, the order will not be impacted by the change in prices. The order total amount will remain the amount validated when the order was placed. 

Product prices do not take into account delivery fees. An estimate of delivery fees can be calculated on the "My cart"  page before checking out. The delivery fees are then confirmed on the order form, before its final validation. 

V.A.T. (Sales tax) 

Prices include French V.A.T., based on the V.A.T. rate on the day of the order (currently 19.6%). Should the V.A.T. rate change, prices will be adjusted with the new rate. Customers requesting a delivery in the European Union will be charged French V.A.T in compliance with European Union rules regarding VAT. Customers requesting a delivery outside the European Union will not be charged French V.A.T.


Product prices are displayed in Euros. Orders are always charged in Euros and customers have to pay in Euros. Beauté Secrète is not liable for the exchange rate applied by the customer's bank. Beauté Secrète is also not liable for potential fees a bank could charge to a customer for a purchase in Euros. Prices can be displayed in other currencies for customer convenience. Conversion rates are updated every day. Beauté Secrète is not responsible for any discrepancy between its conversion rate and the conversion rate applied by the customer's bank.

Means of payment 

Customers can pay their order at Beauté Secrète using the following means of payment: credit card, debit card, cheque (issued by French banks only), bank transfer, a Paypal account, or a Beauté Secrète gift certificate code. Customer certifies that he/she is authorized to use the means of payment he/she selected to place his/her order on Beauté Secrète. 

In line with Beauté Secrète's policy to fight credit card fraud, Beauté Secrète can ask customers to prove their identity and their address before shipping an order, or to pay through bank transfer.

3 - Shipping/Delivery information

Where does Beauté Secrète accept to ship? 

Beauté Secrète ships worldwide. However Beauté Secrète insists on the fact that customers have to check with their local customs about whether they are required to pay import taxes, import duties, excise duties, custom taxes and/or custom fees to receive their parcel. More information on this topic is available below. 

When will an order be shipped? 

Beauté Secrète ships products within the timeframe indicated on each product page. When an order contains many products the longest timeframe applies. The delivery date will then depend on the delivery option selected by the customer when he/she placed their order (economic delivery or fast delivery).


Shipping times are expressed in business days. Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays* are not considered as business days. (* French bank holidays and bank holidays of country of delivery)

 How much is charged for shipping and handling? 

Handling fees are included in shipping fees. Shipping fees are automatically calculated as a customer checks out, and depend on the weight of the order, the delivery location, and the delivery option selected (economic or fast).

How much is charged for import taxes, import duties, excise duties, custom taxes and/or custom fees? 

Customers requesting a delivery within the European Union will not be charged any import taxes, import duties, excise duties, custom taxes and/or custom fees. 

Customers requesting a delivery outside the European Union may be charged import taxes, import duties, excise duties, custom taxes and/or custom fees depending on their country's custom regulations. Beauté Secrète does not collect those fees, duties and taxes, and is not responsible for the amount charged to customers. In many countries, there are thresholds for orders under which some fees, duties and taxes are not charged. Gifts can also be submitted to more favorable fees, duties and taxes (also depending on their value). Beauté Secrète strongly advises customers to collect information on import and custom fees, duties and taxes before placing their orders. Beauté Secrète will not lie on custom forms for the benefit of its customers and Beauté Secrète will not refund any orders because import or custom fees, duties or taxes were charged to customers, in line with their country's import and custom regulations. 

Order tracking 

Customers receive an email as soon as their order has been shipped by Beauté Secrète. This email contains the name of the carrier and a tracking number. Delivery progress can be tracked on the carrier website using the order tracking number. 

What to do in case of problems with the order delivery 

"An item is not available": Beauté Secrète does its best to ensure the availability of items by working closely with its suppliers. Should an item not be available (temporarily or definitively), Beauté Secrète will inform you and will propose an exchange, credit note or refund.  


"I cannot track my order / My order is late": Please contact Beauté Secrète's Customer Service. We will contact the carrier, search for your parcel and keep you informed. 

"The parcel I received is damaged/ has an issue": If you receive a parcel that is damaged or has an issue, please indicate it on the delivery form and inform the Beauté Secrète Customer Service. We will contact the carrier, try to identify what occurred and keep you informed. 

"In case of Events Beyond Reasonable Control and/or Strikes": Orders may arrive late due to events beyond reasonable control (ex. bad weather conditions, etc.) or due to strikes. Although Beauté Secrète will do its best to minimize the impact on the shipping time of orders, we cannot be held liable for delays in delivery. 

4 - Returns, Exchanges and Refunds

Beauté Secrète considers customer satisfaction as its top priority. Customers can return unworn items without any time limitation as long as items remain clean, undamaged, with all tags attached. 

How to proceed for a return? 

1/ Customers have to ensure that the items they are returning are unworn, perfectly clean, complete (ie. no parts are missing), undamaged, have all tags attached and are in their original packaging. Items that do not meet these criteria may be refused for return by Beauté Secrète. Customers should package return items carefully to ensure that they are not damaged during transport. 

2/ Customers have to insert a copy of the invoice or delivery note in the return package. Items being returned should be highlighted on the invoice and customers are asked to specify whether they wish Beauté Secrète to carry out an exchange, issue a credit note or provide a refund. For exchanges, customers should provide details on the item they wish sent in exchange. As always, our Customer Service is on hand to assist returns and answer questions.

3/ Return packages need to be shipped to: 

Beauté Secrète Return Center 
22, rue Gustave Eiffel 
78300 Poissy 

Customers should select a trustworthy carrier as they are solely responsible for the return of items. 

4/ Beauté Secrète will check the state of returns to ensure that item(s) are complete (ie. no parts are missing), unworn, perfectly clean, undamaged, have all tags attached and are in their original packaging.

5/ Beauté Secrète will, according to the customer's wishes, proceed to an exchange, issue a credit note or provide a refund. 

 Beauté Secrète does not refund return costs except in cases of damaged items and errors in parcel content. However, for exchanges, Beauté Secrète will not charge for the cost of shipping the new item(s). Beauté Secrète is pleased to offer customers who choose a credit note free delivery on their next order. 

Please note that: 
- The full process should take about 12 business days
- Beauté Secrète will not charge shipping costs in case of an exchange
- In case of a refund, initial shipping costs are non-refundable 
- In case of abusive returns, Beauté Secrète may refuse your next order

- In case return occurs more than 30 days after the order delivery, Beauté Secrète will not refund items but will edit a credit note.

5 - Products guarantees

In compliance with French Regulations ("code de la consommation" and "code civil"), customers can return damaged items to Beauté Secrète within two months after the order delivery date. This guarantee applies only to items that have been used normally and does not include items damaged by the customer because of abnormal use. To benefit from this guarantee, customers have to proceed as explained in Article 4 of these sales terms and conditions. 

Beauté Secrète does not produce the items sold on www.beautesecrete.com, therefore Beauté Secrète cannot be held responsible for any damages caused by an item bought on its website. 

6 - Privacy Policy

At Beauté Secrète we are committed to protecting customer privacy, therefore: 

1/ Information collected while customers browse our website and place orders is used only to handle orders and their delivery, to manage customer accounts and to enhance our website and our services. 

2/ Beauté Secrète does not collect nor save any information regarding credit or debit cards, as customers are redirected to our bank's website where the full payment process is completed and fully secured. 

3/ Beauté Secrète complies with French and European Union Regulations regarding Privacy Data Protection. According to these regulations, any www.beautesecrete.com user can access the data collected about him/her and request their modification or refuse their handling. To do so, customers have to contact us at via email at contact@beautesecrete.com or write to Beauté Secrète - 22, rue Gustave Eiffel - 78300 Poissy - France. 

4/ Customers can easily unsuscribe from our newsletter by logging into their Beauté Secrète account and modifying their options. Customers can also click on the "unsuscribe" link at the bottom of our newsletter, or send an email to our Customer Service at customer_service@beautesecrete.com. 

5/ Beauté Secrète complies with French 06/01/1978 legislation and www.beautesecrete.com is registered with the CNIL, the "Commission Nationale Informatique et Liberté" (France's Data Protection law enforcing Board). 

7 - Copyrights, Intellectual property

Any contents of the web site www.beautesecrete.com are protected as stipulated in France's Regulations. They belong to Beauté Secrète, to its suppliers and to its business partners. Any copies are strictly forbidden and can lead to prosecutions, except for printing these sales terms and conditions or printing a product comparison chart for personal use. 

Any customer or individual wishing to create a link from their website to www.beautesecrete.com should first ask Beauté Secrète for authorization and should remove this link at Beauté Secrète's request. In any case, framing linking, in-line linking and deep linking are strictly forbidden. 

8 - Liability

Beauté Secrète is responsible for the proper handling and delivery of any orders placed on www.beautesecrete.com. However Beauté Secrète will not be liable in cases where Beauté Secrète proves that the order management and delivery was not properly achieved because of either the customer, or a service provider (for a non foreseeable reason) or an event beyond reasonable control. 

Beauté Secrète cannot also be held responsible for any damages due to the use of the Internet, including among other things, Internet service breakdown, computer virus or external intrusion. 

Events beyond reasonable control /In Case of absolute necessity and Strikes: Should an order be late because of an event beyond reasonable control (ex. bad weather conditions, etc.) Beauté Secrète will do its best to minimize the impact on the delivery of your order. However, in such circumstances, Beauté Secrète is not liable for delays in delivery. 

In case www.beautesecrete.com contains links to other websites, Beauté Secrète cannot be held responsible for the content of those websites should they not respect legislation and regulations. 

9 - Governing law and jurisdiction

These conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France. You agree, as we do, to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts. Your statutory rights are not affected by these terms and conditions. 

10 - Validity, modification and update of these sales terms and conditions

These sales terms and conditions apply from their day of publication on this website (as specified on top of this page) until the day of publication of an updated version. These sales terms and conditions can be modified without prior notice to take into account changes in regulations or changes in Beauté Secrète's Sales Policy.

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